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maandag 1 april 2019

Monday mural

Ben Eine (real name Ben Flynn, 1970) made this one.
I have not seen this work in real life.
Because this is what David Cameron, the British Prime Minister at the time, gave to President Obama. A screenprint,  an official gift
Until that moment Ben Eine was just a little famous in the London East End, known for the special letters he made.
After that, he became very famous
Now, that's a story is not it?
It's a bit like a fairy tale, I think.
We were standing in an East End street, in London,  when  the man who guided our street-art tour, told us about Ben Eine and his succes. A success that continues today

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7 opmerkingen:

Sami zei

I haven't heard of the artist, but I'm glad he became well know because of a gift between two world politicians.
Thanks for participating Bertie.

Iris Flavia zei

Well, Sami said it all, I agree!

Tom zei

...a colorful way to brighten the street!

Marthy zei

Kon ik alvast maar zo handletteren.....

Sjoerd zei

Volgens mij moet je daarvoor geboren zijn. Ik vind het echte artiesten.

Mae Travels zei

Fascinating use of letters as images and also for making words. In your next post I see the tulip fields -- beautiful!

best..mae at

Kitty zei

Het duurde even voor ik zag wat er stond, maar prachtig deze street art!